“we’re” pregnant

What’s the deal with people announcing conception with the phrase, “We’re pregnant?” It’s just her, right? I mean, sure, part of the population subscribes to the idea that a beer gut becomes comical when juxtaposed with a months-round baby belly (like this). But only one of them is pregnant according to the most common use of the word.

Laundry Factory's "We-are-pregnant"I admit I’m a little grumpy about it. Let me figure out a way to cut some slack for people who use this obnoxious phrase to announce their baby on the way. My Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (yes, I still own and use a dictionary with actual pages and binding!) has pointed out to me that the word “pregnant” also means:

~abounding in wit and resourcefulness, which would be really useful for a guy who’s trying to live in peace with a woman as her very being undergoes strange changes. So maybe that’s what they mean? “She’s having a baby and he’s demonstrating a great sense of humor about the whole ordeal.”

~meaningful or profound, which could be great if she’s into that, but could be dangerous if he’s waxing poetic and she just wants a pizza for crying out loud! “She’s having a baby and he’s penning sonnets about the meaning of life.”

~having possibilities of development or consequence, which some mothers-to-be probably hope to heaven is true of their untried spouses. “She’s having a baby and he has a few more months to grow up.”

It all still sounds a bit iffy to me, though. How about “We’re expecting?” Of course that can become silly in its own way as it leads smart alecks to inquire, “Expecting what?” But I think the implication is clear.

And semantic bickering aside, I think the “we” is sweet. It implies that the journey is tandem rather than solo, that the changes affect both halves of the couple, and that the non-childbearing one wants to be involved in the process. Those can only be good things, and they’re a lot more important than the words used to make the happy announcement.

And by the way, we’re pregnant. (At least I am.) Late this spring my husband and I will find out exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into. Do not tell me any horror stories about birth–I mean it.

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