About Maria

If you want to know what to expect from this blog, you can read more here. This page exists to give you a little background on me.

This is what I look like:

I don’t wear makeup.

I do straighten my hair.

MariaThese are some things I like:

~Books! ~Libraries. ~Serious conversations. ~Tea (hot or cold, maximum sugar). ~Paper. (I even like the word “paper.”) ~Clothes and jewelry, but I don’t care too much about shoes and purses. ~While we’re on the subject of fashion, I also like thrift shopping. ~Making my house a home. ~Butter and bacon and bread and all those other pioneer foods that are supposedly going to kill me. (More on that at my other blog.)

These are some things I don’t like:

~Hipster fashion. ~Music that doesn’t sound pretty—or catchy; I make exceptions for catchy. ~Fad diets. ~LOL-speak. ~The term “LOL.” The only thing worse is “ROFL.” Has this ever actually happened? ~Politics. ~Animals. (I can tolerate them but I don’t want any.) ~Running out of tea. ~Getting halfway through a book and realizing it’s not worth the time it would take to finish it. I’ve finally given myself permission to be a quitter in such instances.

These are some facts about me:

~I got married when I was twenty one. It’s not easy but it’s awesome!

~I’m an introvert but some people take it as awkwardness and others take it as snobbishness. I’m trying to find a balance.

~When I was in school I wrote poetry at the rate of about one 70-page notebook per quarter. I now write poetry at the rate of about ten poems a year. I rarely mention this to anyone because no one knows how to react to people who write poetry. Once a professor with white caterpillars for eyebrows cornered me in the copy room while I was working on summer research for another professor in his department.

“Are you an English major?” he asked.


His expression morphed into one of mild amusement as he proclaimed, “I suppose you’re a poet too.”


“Well.” He paused, eyeing me. “If you think you’re a poet and have something to say, you should go into journalism. But if you just like the way words sound, the way they feel in your mouth–you might be a poet.”

So, um, I might be a poet.

This is why I’m here:

To think through some things in writing and, hopefully, conversation. But that one’s on you guys. Don’t be shy!


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