About M&M

When I started blogging I stuck to safe topics like crafts, food, and home decor. (The first blog is almost impossible to read but you’re welcome to try here. When I ran out of photo storage I moved here.) I did it because I needed to write but I didn’t have time to write the book I kept promising myself I’d tackle someday. I was busy working two jobs to get my husband through school. (He was also working.)

Now I get to stay home and write my book while my husband works at his new job. During the transition to our current lifestyle, I started to feel bored with the blog posts I was writing. There are so many other ideas I want to explore, so many questions to which I haven’t found satisfying answers. So I decided to start another blog (this one) where I could talk about meta–serious issues that can only be wrestled in a good conversation–and minutiae–trivial matters that are just fun to talk about.

As with anything you read, you’re sure to find bias here because, well, humanity. My physical and philosophical backgrounds are likely to reveal themselves even when I’m trying to be impartial and, to be honest, I’m not always trying to be impartial. I believe in absolute truth; in fact, I’m convinced that everyone does whether they admit it or not. That said, I’ll still do my best to be kind.

I’ll also do my best to avoid ignorance or to confess it up front when I am aware of it. If I fail, please use kindness as your guide when setting me straight. I trust we can all learn something from each other.

>>>Right now I am posting without any sort of schedule. Hopefully in the future I will settle into a rhythm, but for now I just post when I have something to say. I don’t want to wear out my welcome in your reader (or inbox).

>>>If you see ads I have nothing to do with them. I hope they’re appropriate. I make no money from this blog; I just want to talk to ya.