home remedy

If laughter is the best medicine it’s no wonder neither my husband nor I has been sick this year. He has a great sense of humor—kooky at times, but still. He discovers the humor-potential in things I totally miss. For example, I was trying to explain to him that we needed to go shopping again, an activity he hates. My reasoning: “You need pants, and my bra-shopping trip was a bust.” Cue loud laughter. I’m thinking, “What did I say?” Then it dawns on me.

Then there are the times he builds on something I say, introducing the joke himself. When I told him his scientific approach in the kitchen made him like a new-and-improved Alton Brown—cuter, and with better puns—he responded, “You mean butter puns?”

Thanks for the immunity-boost, Love!


When did you know?

The traditional wedding month is nearly over but I thought I’d toss in a little romance here at the end. Last weekend my husband and I stayed with his brother & our sister-in-law, and the guys’ parents were there too. My father-in-law started a conversation about knowing when we’d found “The One.” It was fun to hear how different people’s experiences had been.

My FIL knew when his perspective shifted from “We’re having fun” to “I feel protective of her.” I’d call it a transition from romance to responsibility, because I adore alliteration.

Later I asked my husband how he decided he wanted to marry me and he said, “I could talk to you about anything; I could spend hours with you; and I wanted to spend my life with you.” So his check-boxes were communication, companionship, and commitment.

Me? I said goodbye to him once after a summer visit and then wandered around the house thinking, “I never want to be apart from him again.” What do you call that…adiĆ³s aversion?

I want to hear yours! Can you identify a moment when you realized your significant other was extra-significant, or was your epiphany more gradual?